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Matthew Carter, MacArthur Fellow

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Matthew Carter is one of the 2010 recipients of a MacArthur Fellows award. It is well-deserved recognition for his particularly intelligent and graceful solutions to typographic problems, a good number of which did not even exist at the beginning of his career. (Ink on paper works quite differently than an rgb monitor.)

As a type designer, his contributions are often viewed in service of the work of graphic designers. However, without the “tools” he’s developed, much of what designers do would not be possible in the same way. His work reflects a thorough knowledge of traditional styles, yet is in sympathy with the 21st century. He is responsible for the designs of over 60 typeface families and 250 individual fonts, including many you know intimately, if not by name.

His notable designs include Bell Centennial, a face which allowed the telephone company to reduce the size of the type while retaining legibility; Verdanna and Georgia, THE legible faces of the web; and many of the preferred versions of classics like Baskerville and Caslon.

Carter sees this award from the MacArthur Foundation not as recognition for a successful career coming to a close, but rather as encouragement to keep going. I look forward to next chapter.